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Katie Jamieson
(651) 222-9089
As founder and CEO of Engage! Travel Co., Katie is lead visionary on all things serving you with your vacation and investing in our team of spectacular advisors. Katie believes in integrating travel with life, and that travel is for the good times, the not so good times, and the in between times. Katie is passionate about adding value to your vacation, and believes in using her skills to serve others. This comes through in every vacation she plans, and in how we grow and build our team at Engage! Travel Co.
Areas Of Speciality
Disney and Universal theme parks, Europe, especially France, but really all of Europe. Warm destinations (think MN winter escape), and domestic too – New York City is a favorite.
Favorite Destination and Why?
France! I have spent a lot of time in France, and it truly fills my heart every time I get to return. I minored in French in college, and am the daughter of a French teacher, and all things France and French culture are second nature to me. I love bringing this experience into the trips I plan with clients.
My Travel Styles
I’m a traveler. I like to go, do, see, experience, and immerse myself in my destination. This is true from 16 hour days in the Disney parks, to covering some serious ground in Paris. I’m curious about new cultural experiences, and connecting with others across the world. It’s the people and connections and memory building that fuels my personal travel.
Fun Facts About Me
“I’m a super fan of Julie Andrews. I spent 20 years leading STEM programs for kids, and I embrace my nerdiness.

I absolutely love putting my skills to use to connect, inspire, and uplift others.”

Laurie Finley
(612) 440-2875
I have always loved all things travel. With my international and domestic travel experience, I am so excited to offer my expertise and assist others in planning their journeys.
Areas Of Speciality
All-inclusive resorts.
Sun and sand.
Favorite Destination and Why?
Having explored many places around the world, my favorite is Salzburg, Austria. I love the idyllic setting with the river running through the town and the mountains surrounding it, the history, and all of the “Sound of Music” sites. I also love any destination that has mountains and/or the ocean.
My Travel Styles
I like a mix of activities and relaxation, giving me a good balance of adventure and downtime.
Fun Facts About Me
I love gardening, especially fruits and vegetables.
I enjoy hiking and being outside.
We camp and canoe in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness at least once each year.
I love to research destinations travel and have fun adventures with my family.

Wyatt Scheu
(507) 338-2412

I grew up in Prior Lake, MN. I went to college at Iowa State University and moved back to the Twin Cities after graduation. I spent much of my childhood traveling around the US and that love of travel stuck with me.
Areas Of Speciality
European travel.
Favorite Destination and Why?
Western Germany. From the Black Forest, to the Cologne Cathedral; the entire region is beautiful. Seeing barges and river cruises traveling down the Rhine surrounded by large hills lined with castles is surreal.
My Travel Styles
Constant adventure! I want to keep moving and seeing new things each day.
Fun Facts About Me
I coach High School Track and Volleyball.
I have a very good dog named Rusty.
I have lived in Minnesota, Colorado, and Iowa.

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