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At Engage! Travel Co., we believe vacations are about lifelong memories. Sometimes things get crazy and it can be difficult to hit the pause button and plan a vacation. Or, perhaps you’ve wanted to take your family on a theme park trip, or a cruise, but you’re not sure where to begin.

At Engage! we will work with you to craft a vacation that fits you or your family’s travel plans. Our goal is to make it a vacation for YOU too.

1 - Consultation

In order to help craft your ideal vacation, we first meet with you via phone call or Zoom, to get an idea how we can best serve you with your vacation planning.

2 - Vacation is a GO

Based on our initial conversation, we will prepare a travel quote of up to 3 itinerary options (depending on the destination or desired vacation), and once you approve, we reserve your travels.

3 - Let's Travel!

Then, we’ll work with you to finalize your itinerary and the components that make this a vacation for YOU. When you work with us, it is our goal to lighten that mental load of figuring out every detail, so you can focus on enjoying your vacation.

We are based in St. Paul, Minnesota, and serve clients across the United States.

Katie Jamieson

Meet Katie Jamieson
CEO, Engage! Travel Co.

Katie is passionate about all things travel, and the value of integrating travel with life. Having traveled extensively herself both in the U.S. and Europe, and specifically bringing her family to Walt Disney World more than 20 times in recent years, Katie could chat for hours about building travel into family life, how to maximize the use of travel credit cards in your travels, and crafting multi-generational vacations built on lasting memories.

For as far back as her memory serves, Katie has spent her time planning and coordinating events, programs, and projects that bring people together. And now, drawing on her years leading nonprofit and professional association programs and events, Katie uses her wide range of strategic and planning skills to help craft a vacation that works for you and your family/group. There’s no “shoulds” here – it’s about helping you craft the getaway that fits your needs. Katie can be followed on her travel blog, Voyage la Vie, here.

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